Audi Notto LED Daytime Running Lights

Notto LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL). LED bulbs are the brightest, safest and longest lasting type of bulb used in DRL assembly. Notto LED DRL feature advanced constant-current controlling technology, low power consumption, and complete water-proof construction.

DRL make your vehicle more recognizable in traffic for other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists, especially during harsh weather conditions when visibility in traffic is decreased. LED DRL intensify reduced contrasts of the background that could hinder your view, such as clouds, sun glare, or in areas with forests or trees. Notto LED Daytime Running Lights series will perfectly carry out all of the safety functions described above while exceeding your expectations.

Safety comes first but style is also important – LED daytime running lights are already a distinctive design feature, setting new automotive fashion trends in North America. With Notto LED Daytime Running Lights you get the smooth and fashionable European style that everyone craves. This is a really useful customization for any ride, combining radiant style and improved safety.

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