Audi Diesel Cars in USA

There was some talk of Audi bringing a diesel version of every model to the U.S., but according to this article at The New York Times ("Audi Hedges on New Models"), it's not necessarily true.

Audi of America's president, Johan de Nysschen, is quoted as saying, "We’re considering the A1, but the U.S. luxury car buyer is not ready for compact luxury...When lighter, smaller vehicles become the norm, it’s a possibility."

Well, that may take years and years because most Americans love everything BIG. The cost of gas is rising and people would much rather fill up their gas-guzzlers than go small and save a ton of money. It would be great if Audi was the car company that could knock some sense into the American public. Why not create a commercial educating us about the benefits of buying a smaller, luxury car?
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