Audi A6 2.7T 6Spd APR Stage III Turbo Upgrade Kit

Power, Drivability, Reliability: these three words sum up our Audi 2.7T K04 Stage III kit. APR's unique approach to product development brings together a product with the level of refinement that this car deserves. APR has a history of developing high-quality turbocharger upgrade kits. Our 2.7T Stage III upgrade system continues this tradition. This product uses RS4 components, APR-designed components, and of course, APR-engineered engine management software calibrations. This ultimate turbo system upgrade is now available for the 2.7T cars. This kit is capable of 412 horsepower and 482 foot-pounds of torque at the flywheel on 93 octane gas, while retaining stock-like drivability. The highlights of the kit include the following: -RS4 KO4 Turbochargers -RS4 MAF and Airbox -RS4 MAF to Turbo Inlet Plumbing and Y-Pipe-RS4 High Flow Fuel Injectors and Fuel Pump -All Associated Plumbing and HardwareAt APR, we have invested in the equipment, facilities, and personnel to do the job right. These investments can be experienced in the overall quality of our product. For this upgrade system, we made extensive use of our four-wheel drive chassis dynamometer. This vital tool enabled us to put the engine through a very wide assortment of operating conditions. Used in conjunction with our proprietary datalogging tools, we have optimized the engine control parameters for all conditions. We have also programmed in safety factors for extreme conditions to protect your investment. Laboratory testing and development go a long way in developing a premium product. However, no development cycle is complete without extensive real life use tests. What better way to test a system than to drive it 3000 miles at high speeds? We put one of our S4 Stage III vehicles to this very test and entered it into the 2002 Gumball 3000. This event took the car from New York, New York to Los Angeles, California in five days. The car handled the trip without a hiccup, a testament to the performance and reliability of the kit. If power, drivability, and reliability are what you are looking for, than look no further then APR's 2.7T K04 Stage III kit. *Carbon fiber RS4 engine covers shown are not included, but sold seperately.
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