Audi Vehicles 2009

the Audi Q7 won’t star on a new animated car film just like the Volkswagen Beetle did. Instead, the new luxury sport utility vehicle will be the star of an event that Audi called the Streets of Tomorrow.

Audi describes the Streets of Tomorrow as a unique and upscale lifestyle and driving experience. The event will be held on 10 major U.S. cities on different dates, starting in New York and San Diego from April 29 to 30, and on the other major U.S. cities on the following dates:

# May 6-7 Chicago
# May 6-7 Los Angeles
# May 13-14 Philadelphia
# May 13-14 San Francisco
# May 20-21 Atlanta
# May 20-21 Seattle
# May 27-28 Miami
# June 3-4 Dallas

Audi Vehicles
Audi Vehicles
Audi Vehicles
Audi Vehicles
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